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Thursday, September 29, 2022

Is It Better to Build a Pergola or Buy a Pergola Kit?

The introduction of pergola kits has made it easier than ever to order and install a pergola for your outdoor living space. Building a pergola from scratch, though, offers increased freedom to build a custom space that complements your personal style.

So, is it better to buy a complete kit or build a pergola from the ground up?

In this post, we’ll share some benefits of each choice to help you make an informed decision about which kind of pergola is best for you.

Steel pergolas are simple to install and a breeze to maintain

A core benefit of a pergola kit-particularly if you're new to outdoor home improvement or building with steel-is simplification. Pergola kits provide the design and performance capabilities associated with steel pergolas in a simple, complete kit for a straightforward installation that doesn't require any specialized tools.

That said, building a pergola from scratch with high-quality steel components is still an option. While slightly more challenging than a kit, you can typically turn to leading outdoor building product manufacturers for standardized steel pergola bracings and brackets that sideline some of the difficulty of assembling a traditional wood pergola.

Regardless of whether you order a kit or build a pergola from the ground up, steel pergolas require little to no maintenance to keep their structural integrity and contemporary look. They can be washed with just soap and water and resist moisture and insect damage without any of the harmful chemicals that wood pergolas need.

Steel pergola over an outdoor living space with scenic views of mountains in the background.Steel pergola over white couches on a dock next to a serene lake with trees on the edges.

Building a steel pergola offers limitless customization

Steel pergola kits can offer the customization many homeowners crave, though usually within a narrower range compared to building a custom structure. Outdoor building product manufacturers will typically offer ready-to-assemble pergola kits in pre-determined sizes to accommodate a standard backyard.

They can also support creative incorporation of other outdoor products—including wood or composite deck boards—so you’ll still be able to design an outdoor “room” that reflects your personal style.

On the other hand, building a pergola from scratch provides nearly limitless design options. For instance, you can choose to build a pergola’s roof horizontally or at an angle, in a thatched pattern or unidirectionally. They can also be wholly customized by size and shape to fit almost any layout to give definition to underutilized outdoor spaces.

Choosing the Right Pergola for You

So, is it better to buy or build a pergola? When it comes to adding a pergola to your outdoor space, buying a pergola kit or building a pergola from scratch each offer unique benefits. Making the right choice for you depends mostly on your unique situation and what you value most.

If you are new to outdoor home improvement projects and want a simplified ordering and installation process, ordering a pergola kit is going to be a better match. But if you want to think outside the box with your pergola design, you may be better served by building one from scratch.

If you’re in the market for a ready-to-assemble option, consider a Pergola Kit from Fortress Building Products. You’ll get the design and performance capabilities associated with Fortress® Pergolas in a simple, complete kit for a straightforward installation.

For design inspiration, you can scan the QR code at the bottom of the Pergola Kit product page with your phone. This will open up Fortress' AR visualizer tool, which makes it easy and fun to preview how a steel pergola will look in your outdoor living space.

Steel pergola over an outdoor entertainment area with a dog relaxing on the rug in the shade and mountains in the background.Backyard living space created with an overhead steel pergola complete with chairs and plants.

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