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Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Your Questions on Aluminum Fencing Answered

Outdoor spaces are one the hottest remodeling trends for 2021—new backyard decks, swimming pool installations, you name it. But if someone parsed out the data… what would they learn? Industry insiders at found a whopping 166 percent increase in fence installation projects over the course of the last year. This meteoric rise in fencing projects is incredible, for sure, but Houzz experts say that it is not surprising. After all, homeowners are more likely to invest in projects like installing a fence because it typically requires minimal face-to-face contact – an ongoing priority for most even as it becomes safer to gather.

Take an aluminum fence installation project, for example. One of the shining stars of the fencing market, there are methods for ordering and receiving aluminum fencing that don't require in-person contact. And more notably, the installation process typically happens at a safely removed distance from the home.

Given the rise of aluminum fence installations, we’re answering a few of the most commonly asked questions about this red-hot backyard solution.

Q: How long do aluminum fences last?

A: Today’s leading-edge aluminum fences are galvanized and dressed in an architectural-grade powder coating to sideline any concerns of rusting or deterioration. With this level of brawn, modern aluminum offerings will maintain their superior performance capabilities and provide enduring style for decades. In fact, top manufacturers will back their aluminum fence systems with limited lifetime warranties

Q:Are aluminum fences strong?

A: Once perceived as lackluster and flimsy, the aluminum fence options of the past have been surpassed by pre-welded systems that are rigid and strong. What’s more, aluminum won’t rot, warp, deteriorate or rust, which means that an aluminum fence can effectively resist the detrimental effects of weathering.

Q: Is an aluminum fence cheaper than wood?

A: In short, yes. When maintenance and product longevity are taken into consideration, aluminum fence systems are one of the most cost-effective options available on the market


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